Año: 2016

European Communities Football Tournament Munich – May 2016

The European Sword of the Spirit Football Tournament has been running since its inception in 1992 and remains one of the highlights of the year (if not the highlight) for many throughout the region. It’s an event unlike any other, filled with football (obviously), fellowship, banter, prayer, brotherhood and community.

Steps of Faith: Sowing Seeds of Good News

Back in 2007 when I was serving as director for Koinonia, one of our Kairos evangelistic outreaches for university students, I had an opportunity to speak with a guy who was beginning a period of missionary work with a local church in London. He was 23 and eager to begin his work with students.

Llamados para estos tiempos – El Pueblo de Dios, Beirut

Cuando El Pueblo de Dios apenas comenzaba en el Líbano, sus miembros no sabían que estaban a punto de entrar en una guerra civil que diezmaría su país y amenazaría sus vidas. El ánimo que recibieron de otras comunidades cristianas hizo posible que los miembros de esta comunidad permanecieran en el Líbano y sobrevivieran una guerra que duró 15 años y fueran un apoyo para mantener la esperanza y una visión para el futuro.

Mission Year with Eilidh Graham

This God of ours is a God of blessings, protection, healing and provision. These are the areas where I’ve particularly experienced the Lord’s love this year during my Mission Year in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I’m staying with a family from the local Sword of the Spirit community, Charis, and the love and support of this community have been essential this year as I’ve seen the truth and joy of a life lived among Christian brothers and sisters.

A Weekend That Freed People For Mission

When the prodigal son returns, he is prepared to be renounced as a son: he is willing simply to be a servant. As we know, this isn’t the father’s plan for him, or for any of us. It isn’t enough that we serve, no matter how faithfully. Each of us is first and foremost a daughter or a son. Unless we confidently grasp this identity – the being side of mission and discipleship – then the doing side of mission and discipleship will be lacking.

“Koinonia” Our University Outreach in London – Update 2016

That the Lord has been working powerfully in Koinonia in the past six months we in Koinonia have no doubts, but it is always good to remember. After a summer of much change with several students graduating and several staff members moving on, we were blessed to have continuity in our core, with many students from last year still here. This has allowed us to do many things, most notably set up strong households for the men and women for the first time in over five years, with six members each. The Lord’s hand was very noticeable in acquiring these properties. These households are places of discipleship, fellowship and evangelism and have had a very positive impact on Koinonia this year.

Listening to God’s Voice

There was a story in New Covenant magazine in 1981 that I read as a young Christian and which has stayed with me. It describes a time at the end of a conference on a hot day in Rome in 1975 when God spoke through a prophecy: “Because I love you, I want to show you what I am doing in the world today. I want to prepare you for what is to come. Days of darkness are coming on the world, days of tribulation….”

Families for Christ Community – in Vancouver

In the early 1990s, a few couples who had moved to Canada from the Philippines came together to form an informal prayer group. Sensing the need for a more formal direction, in September 1993, the group went on a pilgrimage to a Catholic pilgrimage site in Portland, Oregon, for a whole day of prayer and spiritual discernment. Having been soaked in the Spirit, a prophecy surfaced, “Before you bring the good news of salvation to others, start with your own families. You are my family in Vancouver. You are families for Christ.” It was then that they decided to adopt the name “Families for Christ Community.”

North American Update

In October, the community held a weekend men’s conference. Jim Kolar from Community of Christ the Redeemer in Saint Paul, MN, was the guest speaker. The theme of the retreat was “The Woman at the Well,” a Gospel story that transcends both time and gender.