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Bale ning Ginu, en las Filipinas

Un pequeño grupo de estudiantes se convierte en una comunidad para Cristo

Meeting the Challenge of Personal Prayer

Prayer can revolutionize your life. It gives strength to the weak, wisdom to the fool, joy to the sorrowful, and comfort to the oppressed. Most importantly, it gives us a living relationship with God.

A Medical Mission to the Poor in Nicaragua

Medical staff and translators volunteer to serve in one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.

God Wants to Work Powerfully in Mission

University students hear how God’s power is available to help them bring people to Christ

Not Your Ordinary Football Tournament

Prayer, sport, and friendship were all part of the package at this annual football (soccer) tournament among communities in Europe.

Hearing God in Meditation

“God speaks time and again – in various ways – but nobody notices” (Job 33:14).

It’s About More Than Just Winning

Boys become men by being around men and doing the things that men do: compete, lead, follow, fight for a common prize, and celebrate victory. At the end of June 2014, the Work of Christ Community in Lansing, Michigan, hosted the North American soccer tournament for the Sword of the Spirit communities and their outreaches. Over 150 young men participated. The tournament was a fiesta of teamwork, strength under control, and mutual encouragement braced by blistering competition. International and regional friendships were forged as men played through pain in the fight for the trophy – the coveted “sippy cup.”

Spirit of Christ Community

Community members in Jacksonville FL, USA, strive daily to be radical disciples of Christ.

God Was There!

Young people in New Zealand experience the Holy Spirit’s work first hand at this year’s summer camp.