Mes: diciembre 2015

Introducing Student Volunteer Leadership Training

In August 2015, around 50 student volunteers from across Europe arrived in Belfast for the SVLT conference, a week to be equipped for our mission in university outreach. The week was all about vision

Meet The 2015-2016 Mission Volunteers

As the GAP Base in Glasgow has developed in the past year to provide service and training opportunities, another programme has been growing as well: the Mission Year. A Mission Year focuses the energy and talents of young graduates to serve as Mission Volunteers in local outreaches and programmes.

Local Update: UCO Bielsko, Poland

Bielsko-Biała is not a big city or a typical student city, but for some reason God has chosen this place to build a quickly-growing student group rooted in a Christian community called City on a Hill – a meaningful name as Bielsko is located at the foot of the Beskid Mountains.

Camino a casa: ¿pero a dónde vamos?

Últimamente he estado pensando mucho sobre «casa» – el lugar que anhelamos, y que creemos que, al alcanzarlo, estaremos finalmente satisfechos – el destino de nuestro corazón.