Mes: marzo 2016

Families for Christ Community – in Vancouver

In the early 1990s, a few couples who had moved to Canada from the Philippines came together to form an informal prayer group. Sensing the need for a more formal direction, in September 1993, the group went on a pilgrimage to a Catholic pilgrimage site in Portland, Oregon, for a whole day of prayer and spiritual discernment. Having been soaked in the Spirit, a prophecy surfaced, “Before you bring the good news of salvation to others, start with your own families. You are my family in Vancouver. You are families for Christ.” It was then that they decided to adopt the name “Families for Christ Community.”

North American Update

In October, the community held a weekend men’s conference. Jim Kolar from Community of Christ the Redeemer in Saint Paul, MN, was the guest speaker. The theme of the retreat was «The Woman at the Well,» a Gospel story that transcends both time and gender.

Into The Deep

The University Christian Outreach (UCO) Winter Retreat is a regional event that occurs every other year. This year it was held at Michindoh Conference Center in Hillsdale, Michigan. Over 180 people attended, including students from as far as Maryland, Florida and Los Angeles.

Senior Women Leaders Conference

In November, 100 senior women’s leaders from communities all over the North American Region gathered at the Wyndham Gardens Hotel in Detroit, Michigan, for a 4-day conference. The theme for the conference was Made for Mission. General conference sessions included a report by Paul Dinolfo, the regional president, on what the Lord is saying to us (photo, top left); a presentation by Rosemary Thornton and Molly Kilpatrick on the youth bridge; a talk by Deena Birk on what we have to offer, and a talk by Anne Kolar on loving the Lord.